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Site Coordinates:
    42°28'39" North
    71°27'29" West
    Azimuth: 170°
    Tilt: 32°


The Acton Solar Panels at Leary Field started producing energy on September 19, 2007 as the result of the tireless efforts of citizen volunteers from the groups Acton Climate Action Team and Acton Parent Involvement Project (PIP).  These groups promoted the project and encouraged 150 Acton households to contribute to the New England Wind fund making the town eligible for a solar array from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.  The solar array was funded by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative with money from the Renewable Energy Trust.  Additional money was raised by the Acton Climate Action Team and PIP to pay for the educational data displays.  In addition to their web based data display, Acton is the first school district in the country to install real time renewable energy data displays district wide. The database consists of data collected from November 1, 2007 to present.

System Snapshot updated
every 15 minutes:

Energy generated today: 0.0 KWH
Energy generated since installed: 0.0 KWH
Current power output from solar panels:  0.00 KW
Power in the sunlight: 0.0 KW
Solar panel temperature: 0.0 oC
Avoided carbon dioxide emissions since installed:  0.0   KG

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