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Sea Girt National Guard Training Center™ Solar Energy & Weather Information
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The Sea Girt Photovoltaic Solar Electric Power System represents the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs' ongoing efforts to optimize efficiency, conserve natural resources and reduce dependency on foreign energy sources. This parking canopy system utilizes 1,064 PV modules covering more than 20,000 square feet. With 230 kW of power generating capacity, the combination of energy savings and sale of Solar Energy Renewable Credits annually, along with the substantial rebate provided by the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, will allow DMAVA to completely pay for the system in under 10 years. This system along with DMAVA's PV system of 281 kW already built and in operation on the Satellite Training Facility at Ft. Dix demonstrates the Department's alignment with the State of New Jersey's commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This system will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than seven million pounds over the next 30 years; the equivalent to planting 1,000 acres of trees or not driving nine millions miles on New Jersey's roadways.

Dedicated to the Soldiers and Airmen of the New Jersey National Guard