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Educational Activities
Site Coordinates:
    42°08'53" North
    84°16'59" West
    Azimuth: 180°
    Tilt: 35°
For over 90 years, YMCA Storer Camps has been a leader in Environmental Education where nature makes science relevant. Stewardship of our world comes alive for students from all over the country and all over the world. 

Located in the beautiful Irish Hills of Southeast Michigan, The Storer Outdoor School has a 1200-acre campus with 15 different eco systems - a rare combination of "Lands for Learning", that features the unique Mohr Environmental Studies Center, where students combine technology with all things natural. 

Students can't see the electricity generated from our solar array but they can monitor what it is doing, from our solar laboratories on site... AND from their classrooms at school. 

We are reaching beyond the boundaries of our campus. This initiative is the first of many future links in our Long Distance Learning Programs. Our solar array can be monitored from anywhere in the world. Click on the "View Data" link to learn more about the energy and pollution savings generated by our solar array or follow the link to the "Educational Activities" section to view curriculum activities involving our solar array. 

Additionally, with GPS units in hand, students can find and explore Storer's unique ecosystems... map the lake edge or inventory Storer's rare flora and fauna... literally creating new banks of knowledge. Storer's learning opportunities are endless. 
We invite the world to come to The Storer Outdoor School for total immersion hands-on learning that raises test scores and discover much, much more about their surroundings and themselves in the great outdoors.

To Serve... To Teach... To Inspire 

System Snapshot updated every 15 minutes:
    Energy generated today: 0.0 KWH    
    Energy generated since installed: 0.0 KWH    
    Current power output from solar panels:  0.00 KW    
    Power in the sunlight: 0.0 KW    
    Solar panel temperature: 0.0 oC    
    Avoided carbon dioxide emissions since installed:  0.0   KG   

  • Michigan Depart of Energy, Labor, & Economic Growth
  • DTE Energy Foundation
  • Jackson Community Foundation:
        Robert A., Sr. and Annetta
        Martin Memorial Fund
  • The Hurst Foundation