SCHOOLS ON SOLAR™ Solar Energy & Weather Data
The main focus of Schools on Solar is education. Schools on Solar will provide students information on energy conservation and renewable energy. Developing an early understanding of how energy is produced and used provides the foundation they'll need to become our future leaders and to help solve the bigger energy and environmental problems we face as a nation and a community. The first two systems have been installed at Oak Ridge Elementary School and Montford Middle School.

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Oak Ridge Elementary School
System Details:
  • 4530 Shelfer Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32304
  • Array Tilt = 35°.   Array Azimuth = 190°
  • Array Latitude = N30° 22.979'
    Array Longitude = W84° 16.968'
  • (10) Sharp model 208U panels rated at 208 Watts each
  • (1) Fronius model IG 2500 LV rated for 2500 Watts
  • Active indirect solar thermal system with (2) 4x8
    collectors and 120-gallon storage tank utilizing an
    external heat exchanger.
  • Installed by Tallahassee Energy & Construction
  • Heliotronics, Inc. Feynman™ Data Display System
  • Visit the Schools on Solar web site
Montford Middle School
System Details:
  • 5789 Pimlico Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32309
  • Array Tilt = 12°.   Array Azimuth = 180°
  • Array Latitude = N30° 31.791'
    Array Longitude = W84° 10.768'
  • (11) Evergreen Solar model ES-190 panels rated at 190 watts each.
  • (1) SMA model SB3000US inverter rated for 3750 watts.
  • Solene active indirect solar thermal system with (1)
    4x8 collector and 80-gallon storage tank utilizing internal heat exchanger.
  • Installed by Premium Services.
  • Heliotronics, Inc. Feynman™ with BTU display for Solar hot water
  • Visit the Schools on Solar web site
Schools on Solar is a City of Tallahassee Utilities and Leon County Schools Partnership Project.
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